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Video Marketing Trends 2015

Video Marketing Trends 2015

WebSetNet combined statistical results in an infographic "Video Marketing Trends 2015 ", that seems to make a compelling case for the dominance of videos in online marketing. I, however, like text better because I can quickly scan and decide if it is relevant for me. A video I have to keep watching. I don't like that. How about you?
Why responsive email is no longer optional

Insights into Email Marketing

Instiller gathered numerous statistics in an infographic "Responsive email design is no longer optional!" to prove their point that you are now obligated to use responsive email design. What do you think?
What buyers want to buy more in 2015

Which Goods will see an Increase in Sale in 2015

Nielsen found out as reported in their article "A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS: GOOD-FOR-YOU GOODS ARE SET TO GROW", that fruit, vegetable, fish/seafood and other healthy goods are in higher demand in 2015.
Infographic: Mind-Boggling Social Shopping Statistics Spotlight Real Impact

Social Commerce trends for eRetailers

Trueship states in its "Infographic: Mind-Boggling Social Shopping Statistics Spotlight Real Impact", that Social Media is one of the most viral and popular means of connecting with consumers in an interpersonal manner and that this leads to a healthy conversion rate.

How would you describe your financial management engagement?

Nielsen states in its "Niche Opportunities for Market Share Growth among African-Americans", that African-American adults have financial management, health and wellness priorities and behaviors —  areas where marketers can expand their reach and better connect with African-American consumers.