Our Team

Ulrike Ruppelt

Ulrike Ruppelt

Principal Communications, Web Services and Marketing

Ulrike Ruppelt founded ticular - strategies for success in 2006. She is an expert in marketing, business development, and public relations, with a solid background in science and technology. She has acted in this capacity for over 15 years in specialist and executive positions. Ulrike Ruppelt is fluent in English and German.

She is the U.S. correspondent for Pharmind, a monthly print magazine of the pharmaceutical industry associations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to growing ticular and working on multiple projects, she volunteers as co-chair of the life science and healthcare group within the German-American Business Association (GABA). And she is the chair of the commuter conferences for the San Francisco chapter of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

Previously, she has served at the international engineering group M+W Zander (now MW Group) as director of international synergy in the U.S. subsidiary and as director marketing at M+W Zander headquarters in Germany. Before that, she was the Fraunhofer delegate to the European Commission in Brussels and a public relations officer at the organization's headquarters in Munich. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft is Europe's largest application-oriented research organization.

She earned an undergraduate degree in chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin, and at the same institution got a master's degree in media consulting and communication technology.

Prof. Stefan Hockertz, Phd.

Prof. Stefan Hockertz, Phd.

Principal Life Science and Healthcare

For over 20 years Professor Dr. Stephan W. Hockertz has held leading positions in the Life Sciences sector and consults on a broad spectrum of factors that drive the success of a Life Science company.

From creating business plans, over negotiations with Venture Capitalists to restructuring of companies - he has done it all. He is chief executive officer of tpi consult GmbH, a leading European consultancy in toxicological and pharmaceutical matters.

Before that he worked as Director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology and Professor at the University Medical School Hamburg Eppendorf.

Prior to that he headed the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Environmental Medicine in Hamburg.

Hockertz is a designated Eurotox registered toxicologist, and manufacturing and quality assurance manager in accordance with § 15.1 and §15.3 of German pharmaceutical law. He is also a resident doctor in biology at University of Hannover and professor of molecular immuntoxicology at University Medical School Hamburg Eppendorf.

Lyn Travis

Lyn Travis

Principal Business Transformation and Leadership

Lyn Travis is an expert in organization, individual transformation and performance with a solid background in management consulting and development.

She has over ten years of international experience in coaching and facilitating change in a wide range of industries (including high tech, communications, transportation, services, and consumer products) and functions (customer relationship management, corporate restructuring, product offering strategy, new enterprise technology, large-scale systems integration, and accelerated global roll-out.

As an executive coach and designer /facilitator of management sessions and workshops, Lyn serves numerous clients, including McKinsey & Company and SAP, accelerating alignment through a collaborative, integrated, creative approach. Her previous career experience includes working as consultant leader and facilitator at Cap Gemini (/Ernst & Young) and in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble, Europe.

She received her MS at Cornell University, NY; her MBA (equivalent) at the St. Gallen School of Business, Switzerland; and her BA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Life Science and Health Care

Dr. Juan N. Walterspiel, MD, FAAP

Dr. Juan N. Walterspiel, MD, FAAP

Chief Consultant, Preclinical and Clinical Development and Execution

Currently a lecturer at Stanford School of Medicine who works on developing pediatric medical devices, Dr. Juan N. Walterspiel has more than 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in academia and at biotech companies.

He has held top preclinical and clinical development positions at Hoffman LaRoche/Genentech and Pfizer, and has worked as chief marketing officer for a biotech company. He has also taught at Yale School of Medicine and the University of Texas Medical School, Houston. In addition to creating clinical development plans and conducting preclinical and clinical studies, he serves as an expert witness and acts as a principal investigator with a current medical license in Texas, California, Georgia and the European Union.

He received his MD at Technical University of Munich (suma cum laude), his pediatric training (PL1-3) at the University of Texas, Dallas, and a fellowship in infectious disease at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He's fluent in Spanish, English and German.

Communications, Web Services and Marketing

John Teoh

John Teoh

Director of Web Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in web technology and design, John manages one the most popular areas of ticular's consulting services.

He hails from Deloitte's life science division, where he spearheaded web production and engineered databases.

Teoh brings project management leadership to the web development process, translating technical requirements into functional specifications and actionable work plans. He manages designers, web developers, copywriters, systems engineers and creative service workers to define integration points and develop a release plan, reporting progress to leadership, team members and other stakeholders.

His technical expertise includes all aspects of: HTML5, CSS3 and XHTML; JavaScript and jQuery; Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization; application programming interfaces for PayPal, Salesforce.com and Marketo; Agile and Scrum project management software; Adobe Creative Suite, and Lotus Notes Designer.

Jackie Cohen

Jackie Cohen

Head of Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Communications

She is an expert in social media and content marketing, search engine optimization, communications and public relations. Jackie has more than two decades of experience and is fluent in English and Spanish.

She has been featured in The New York Times, CNN and The Wall Street Journal, among other news outlets. Recent public speaking engagements include social media conferences organized by Media Post and the Online Marketing Institute.

Among other career highlights, she won a gold medal from the American Society of Business Press Editors for a special report on Internet commerce published in The Industry Standard where she worked as a senior editor. She has worked as an assignment editor at Bloomberg and on the personal finance desk at CBS MarketWatch.

Her work has also appeared in the Guardian, Men's Edge, Paper, Ready Made, The San Francisco Examiner and Wired, among scores of other titles. Other editing jobs she has held included the top spot at AllFacebook.com.

She earned a master's in English from Claremont Graduate University; she has a bachelor of arts with honors in English and Classics from Macalester College.

Tim McDonnell photo

Tim McDonnell

Creative Consultant – Content Developer

As a writer, producer and narrator, Tim’s creative content has delivered messaging, branding and corporate communication results for brands like Baylor Health, HCP REIT, Arizona Health-e Connection, Realty Executives, the Biltmore hospitality chain and the Washington Post’s Cable ONE. He has written, voiced and produced long form programs for major market radio outlets and served as line producer on NFL star Emmitt Smith’s Emmitt Zone show for ABC television.

In addition to his background in marketing, advertising and broadcasting, Tim brings years of Fortune 500 and ENR 100 industrial experience to the Ticular team. He has played key business development, strategic planning and communication roles with companies in life sciences, nanotechnology, microelectronics, manufacturing and consumer products. His relationship building skills have opened doors for his clients with organizations like Intel, IBM, Clorox, Lucent, Scott Paper, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard and numerous government laboratories.

Tim’s creative efforts have been recognized with 2 national Crystal Communicator awards of excellence, 2 Associated Press broadcast awards, 12 number one Arbitron® ratings and election to American Public Media’s CMI Producer’s Workshop.

He assists Ticular clients with all aspects of messaging, branding strategy, copywriting and content development.
 John McGinnis

John McGinnis

Software /Technology Writer and Editor

John began his career in San Francisco over twenty years ago in the nascency of the technology boom when, just out of college, he began working to document software products at Tailored Solutions (now West Publishing). Since then, he has provided companies like Hitachi, HealthNet, BBC, and Verifone his expertise in process documentation and implementation. .

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Mr. McGinnis gained years of experience in writing and editing highly technical content, meeting with renowned physicists daily to interpret and document thousands of National Ignition Facility procedures. Navigating the bureaucracy of the Lab, he also took on some inefficient methods of document revision-control and publication, writing procedures to streamline processes while improving document integrity. Mr. McGinnis received a DOE-Q national security clearance (top-secret) in his first of over seven years at LLNL.

John’s skill in thoroughly investigating software applications and concisely explaining their use to end-users was perfected at Hitachi, where he wrote user documentation for the company’s critical-dimension scanning electron microscopy (CD SEM) program.

John returned to where his career began — at a dot-com in the heart of San Francisco — transforming a dispersed collection of knowledge at CrowdFlower into written, edited, reviewed, and published content via a system within Confluence that he designed. .

John earned a BA in Industrial Arts from San Francisco State University and resides in San Francisco.