CASE STUDY: Translating Brand Recognition Across Borders

Raise awareness of your brand by contacting freeconsultation@ticular.comA leading provider of biomanufacturing facilities in Germany needed to raise brand awareness in America for a debut in this market.

We took on the challenge of positioning the company as an expert designer of life science facilities and increasing its visibility in America. This included speaking engagements at U.S. conferences and invitations to attend these conferences to VIP contacts at life sciences companies based in the U.S.

We achieved these objectives more cost effectively by securing roles as organizers in trade associations with relevant demographics, and by leveraging public relations and content marketing competencies. Additional efforts included brokering partnerships with U.S. companies with leadership in complimentary markets.

8 Tips To Guide You Toward Social Media Success

A strong social media presence can power your brand awareness and ultimately increase revenue. Here are eight tips on how to do exactly that.

Be Clear and ConLearn how to run a successful social media campaign -- email freeconsultation@ticular.comsistent

To create buzz and hype about a new product, service or event – the promotional message should be consistent with the main objective. If it is a music event, then post a video of people having a good time, while stating all the information about the event and venue.

Share at the Perfect Time

It is true timing is everything. Research supports that there are different, optimal times to share your content on the various social channels. These times show the most traffic and engagement with users.

Share on the Best Platform for Your Message

A key to success is identifying on which social platform your target audience spends most of their time. Each platform serves a different purpose to a different audience.

Make It Easily Accessible

Be simple. Every additional click towards the sought information will disrupt the customer journey and block the path to purchase.

Promote Action

Rather than focus on “likes” and “shares” – create true engagement! Encourage consumers to create their own posts about your topics and drive others to view your work. Viral marketing is powerful.

Offer Promising Prizes

Contests or raffles spark excitement. Be generous and then create the awareness, because everyone likes free stuff.

Interact With Your Audience

Embrace your audience, reply to them and address their feedback. This demonstrates that customer service is a priority.

Have Patience

As the great saying goes “Rome was not built in a day.” Followers, reviewers and buzz take time to grow and scale. Stay the course from introduction to growth, into maturity and create reason for commitment and return.

Incorporating these eight tips into your social media strategies is sure to make a splash!

About the author: Scott Lipow is founder and chief executive officer of Six7 Marketing.

Join the Club: A Case Study

Extracurricular activities aren’t just for the We can help you plan a successful marketing event. Email for a free — people of all ages can advance their careers by getting involved with the right organizations outside of work. There’s no shortage of them, so you might find yourself hard pressed to choose which ones make the best use of your networking time. But if you’re interested in networking in order to promote your own personal brand or a corporate brand, it might make sense to plan your own event.

Allow me to explain how to do this by way of example: the “Lean Construction” event I put together for the German-American Business Association. I came up with the idea for it, and designated myself as the moderator of the panel discussion.

I then enlisted Heike Abeck, senior project manager at Chiron, to co-chair it with me, including splitting up the planning work. I chose her to co-chair with me because she was involved in the management of the TFPI facility project with M+W Zander in the first phase.

Once we secured a keynote speaker, I asked his company’s marketing department to send out printed postcards promoting the event, supplementing the email invitations we also mailed out. This greatly boosted the visibility of the event, especially because we sent personalized invitations to every single life sciences facility director in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The results were successful in many ways:

  • The guests were so intrigued by the subject matter covered that evening that the event went into overtime.
  • Chiron sent a request for proposal to my attention for the phase two of the TFPI facility project.
  • I also made five connections with prospective clients that together represented about $100 billion in prospective business for the brand I was promoting at the time, M+W Zander.

Of course, an event doesn’t need to bring in hundreds of billions of dollars in order to be considered successful. Increased brand awareness is priceless. If you’d like to learn more about how event planning can market your brand ffectively, please contact us at